Thursday, October 22, 2009

Avoid Burnout

Avoid the career staller of overwhelm and burnout by keeping yourself at top performance and focusing on your objective and career goal. Learn specific tips to stay focused and motivated.

When looking for work or changing a career field or focus there can be a great deal of stress. It is important to pace yourself as if for a marathon instead of thinking of a sprint. Once you understand the long-term perspective of investing in yourself, and building a network you see where to invest your time and energy and where you don’t.

As you avoid burnout one important factor is to remain focused on what is most important to you and your career search. When we feel burnt out or tired we need to stop what we are doing, and give ourselves space and time to relax and refocus on something other than work related. Allow yourself to set priorities and keep to them by making a list of actions for each month and then breaking them down into weekly and daily actions.

As you build your creditability and your network it’s also important to create balance between your job and work search and your personal life. Each day is important to have at least one thing you look forward to that is unrelated to an area that is weaker or an area of concern, such as your job search. My recommendation is to stay focused and engaged in a specific time frame with office hours and days of the week that you work and schedule in time to do activities that are energizing and enjoyable for you.

It’s important to keep your own personal list of techniques and tips for keeping you engaged and happy with life. When you personalize the resources you are more likely to do something on a regular basis. Part of reducing overwhelm and burnout is to be realistic and to remember that it’s the long view that allows you to succeed.

Become aware of your triggers. Notice what gets you stressed out and distracted from the necessary actions at hand. Do your best to identify and have an understanding of whether it’s because of not eating, not getting enough sleep, negative self talk, money challenges, etc. Identify what it is and find ways to take care of it.

Imagine a result with a specific goal. Create it alive for you with dream boards, writing it down daily, speaking about it and doing something each day towards your career goal.

Make it a priority to finish what you start. Go into things knowing that you will complete it and keep your agreements. A big part of success and ease is staying focused and on track and being a person who keeps their word.

The two final pieces to avoid burnout and overwhelm is to break things down into smaller pieces by chunking them into hourly or weekly goals and allowing yourself time to finish them. When we look too large on the horizon we loose out and we scare ourselves and create additional stress. Finally the last tip is Take ACTION and do something. It’s better to be in motion and doing an action that brings you closer to your goal than to go from a stuck, stopped or place of contraction.

Think for a moment of a time when you created effortlessly and easily and things just seem to happen. More than likely you were doing the above mentioned items along with what your personal strategies. Please share one of your tips with our readers.

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