Monday, October 5, 2009

Organizing for Success: Career Skills for accelerated results

Searching for and allowing socially responsible jobs to come your way takes patience, daily discipline and organization to make this happen successfully. Being organized is a skill one learns with practice. With the increase of speed and flow of information in the worldwide connections, it becomes increasingly imperative to organize a structure that allows you to enhance your career skills.

As you grow and change so do your systems for career search and on-the- job needs. Guiding a person to a solution with renewed growth and vigor requires an individual approach using proven techniques. Here are some of the most universal and applicable concepts from which I share and work with my career candidates and clients.

Look at your vision and your long-term goal for a socially responsible career. One major career management tool is to be organized and this is a function of necessity and need. Your needs are generated by your goals and your activities. By breaking down your goal into smaller manageable tasks you are able to accomplish them. One important initial step is to evaluate your workspace: is it inspiring for you to go into? Can you find everything you need in less than 2 minutes, are all of your equipment and tools at your disposal? The second key item is to create a master task list. This is a place to record all of the projects you are working on, the companies you are aiming to get in front of, and your individual actions items for your career research. When things are written down you are more likely to accomplish them. The third organizational tip for finding a career and being efficient is to create scheduled office hours each day. When doing this you also group tasks into 4-5 major categories and give attention to each which moves you forward, and provides structure and momentum.

What is important in organizing your career development strategy is to sort and categorize information to benefit you and your goals. Many people feel the effect of email and social media sites, and follow up with career leads, and networking in general which leads to overwhelm thus producing inefficiency. What is important is finding ways to sort through and touch email, phone calls, mail, and interactions with people one time only. You want to decide am I to do this now, delegate it to another person, file it or schedule to do at a future time. By deciding the first time something comes to your attention you are being both efficient and effective.

A final career skill is about tracking when you are at your best and scheduling specific tasks during that time. As we clarify our goals, and group tasks together and then schedule those tasks during times when we have energy to accomplish results we can then see progress. Evaluation and feedback from yourself and others about your organizational practices is a crucial mechanism to assist you. Finding a socially responsible career and moving forward with your life long career goals require persistence, organization, and connection with global communities.

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