Monday, February 1, 2010

Best Year Ever for a Choosing A Career

Knowing the importance of choosing a career and actually doing it are two different things. Each year at this time provides opportunities to go for our best year ever and to create a new career path. It’s the time to reevaluate, review and take actions towards your career.

At the turn of each year we have an opportunity to prepare ourselves for what is most important for us. As we explore choosing a careers we want to develop a clean slate by letting go of what didn’t work and preparing a success plan for the New Year. How many of you are already not keeping your New Year’s Resolutions? We aim to start out with lots of energy and momentum but then we loose steam because of various reasons, which I’ll explain below. This past week I offered a free teleclass on this topic. Please email me to receive the link to the call. Consider having access to your personalized step-by-step guide to Your Best Year Yet, and learn the key principles to develop yourself for success.

The first key in creating your ideal year is to be clear about what you want. Take the time to day dream and ponder your direction for 2010 and choosing a career. After you have clearly defined your goals and intentions for the year then you can go about imaging yourself accomplishing them. I find it crucial to delineate between holding and intention and setting a goal. You may have two people who want to attract their ideal career and are planning for it but one person goes about it by being creative and generous while another person chooses to be analytical and methodological. Both are important and useful but it’s the intention or context in which you hold HOW you accomplish your goal that will make it authentic and easier for you to attain.

The second key is to let go of 2009 and you’re past successes, in completions and failures. By allowing yourself the time to write down what you are proud of and happy for having accomplished you will gain confidence and momentum. When you choose a career you need to know what your strengths and failures have been. It’s important to note where your successes happened, lessons learned and areas to continue working with. By allowing yourself the time to do this you enter into the New Year with a clean slate. When beginning fresh in a New Year you have an expanded view in which to create yourself. For those interested in a Year End Acknowledgement exercise please email me and I will send it to you.

As you explore releasing the previous year and acknowledge your successes you need to ponder a theme and focus for the New Year or new phase in your life. This helps people keep a level head and make time for only what is most important. With all of the demands on our attention and time we need specific filters and focuses to eliminate the overwhelm and disconnection. Your focus might be something like, Grace & Ease, Light, Camera, Action, or Go Girl!, or a quote from a superhero. Whatever works to keep you focused and in your game and engaged.

The third key to generating a powerful New Year and choosing a career is beginning with who you are and your personal philosophy. Explore who you are and what your life is about. Ask people how they perceive you, explore how folks respond to you. What is it that you spend most of your time thinking and talking about? I find it also important to accept your limitations and identify what makes you unique. How would someone remember you or want to work with you? If you are not in the habit of being 100% truthful or authentic I recommend you shift and do that more. Be in communication with people and allow yourself permission to be grateful for what you do have. Think about what you really have to do, and really want to do. I find it important as well to explore and be clear about the type of lifestyle and personal enjoyment you require. You can build and attract your new career to fit and match with and what you want your life to be about. Is it traveling internationally, working from home, and raising children, adopting, writing your book, running a marathon, or doing more research. Explore who you are, what you want your life to be about and then identify skills and career paths to fulfill that.

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