Friday, October 8, 2010

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Career Advice from Jullien "PurposeFinder" Gordon - Mrim Boutla

Many of you read our responsible career section in hope to gain career advice on how to build a career that successfully blends financial return with social impact and environmental responsibility.  Well rejoice, because today, you will be able to learn more about how to do exactly that by getting career advice from Jullien 'PurposeFinder' Gordon.

Jullien Gordon is an impressive 28-year old social entrepreneur who has turned his passion for helping others make informed career decision into a variety of business ventures.  Originally from Oakland, CA, Jullien earned his BA from UCLA with Majors in Business Economics, and Education.  Furthermore, in 2007, Jullien received two masters' degrees from Stanford University—his MBA and Masters in Education.

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When You're Career Planning, Does the Idea of "Networking" Make You Cringe? - Ritika Puri

You've heard it from your mentors, college counselors, colleagues, friends, and family: when you're career planning, networking is the single-most career planning step that you can take. Especially in this economy, a personal connection can make or break a person's candidacy for a position. Even though it may seem unfair, it's human nature.

As employers and as people, we want to find someone who we would enjoy as colleagues in a professional environment. We're more likely to reach out to our social circles instead of strangers. Developing an awareness of this trend is one of the most important career planning steps that you can take.

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Social Intrapreneurship: Your Best Responsible Career Choice? - Mrim Boutla

Business as usual is unsustainable, and you are surely reading this blog because you want to learn more about career choices that will enable you to build a career that will allow you to do well while doing good.  There are of course many ways to 'do well while doing good'.  The vast majority of people in industrialized countries choose to do so by generating their income from business as usual positions, and use part of their income to make donations to causes they believe in.  Others choose to donate their time and volunteer to contribute to a cause they believe in.

But that might not feel like it is enough to most of you.  Indeed, many of you are driven by what Cheryl Dorsey and Lara Galinsky elegantly termed your 'Moment of Obligation'.  While conducting research by interviewing 12 social entrepreneurs that won the prestigious Echoing Green Fellowship,  they observed that many socio-eco innovators (SEIs) got started on their path to socio-eco innovation after facing their own 'Moment of Obligation'.  That 'Moment of Obligation' generally comes from wanting to help a friend, patient or someone the SEI knows is experiencing something that the SEI feels is not 'right'.  From that feeling, the SEI takes action to help that person.

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Career Planning for College Seniors: An Argument Against Using Grad School to Hide From the Job Market - Ritika Puri

As you read this article, many college seniors are in the beginning stages of career planning. This time of transition can be difficult, and the economic climate isn't helping already-tough circumstances. Regardless, it's important to stay positive because a good attitude will be your #1 best friend as you muddle through confusion, or options that may be too many or too few. A few months from now, many of you will be happily (or not-so-happily) employed in your first real-world jobs.  Some of you will be in graduate school, and others will accept fellowships. Others will still be job hunting, while some may decide to take a break, volunteer, or travel. No matter where you end up, it's worth putting in a good try -- after all, your post-college future indoctrinates the rest of your life.

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