Monday, September 7, 2009

Is it Difficult to Pursue Responsible Careers?

What’s more important to today’s youth? Is it money, success or a great career? The answer is all three. But what according to you would be the rate of young people willing to take up socially responsible careers? I feel even though the number is less, it’s certainly not disappointing. There can be two approaches that youngsters can follow in order to take up sustainable jobs. They can either join a social enterprise or institution that is completely into sustainable development or they can take up any normal job yet work in a socially responsible manner.

I feel it can be difficult for today’s youth to decide between a lot of money with success or good money with good work. Apart from being meaningful and satisfying, social responsible careers can help any individual make the world a better place to live in. If you have also been thinking of pursuing a responsible career, there are various points you need to consider to make an informed career decision.

It is very important to give some thought on how would you like to shape your career in the coming years. Ask yourself few questions like - are you really concerned about the issues like climate change, global warming and health epidemics affecting our planet earth at a fast pace? Do you want to invest your maximum hours in working towards improving these serious issues? If the answer is yes, you are all set to do some serious good work. Social enterprises as well as government agencies all over the world are taking initiative to teach school and college students about the environmental and social consequences their choice of career can have on the community. With multiple socially responsible jobs available in various sectors, the youth will have more choices for doing good work.

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