Friday, September 11, 2009

Promoting Responsible Careers with Green Colleges

In response to the surging interest in socially responsible careers, colleges and universities in the United States are offering more sustainability degrees. Few years back when a college touted its commitment to go green it mostly referred to the use of organic food in cafeterias, energy saving dorms and reduction in CO2 emission. But now the ‘green’ has also entered the classrooms.

27 programs based on sustainability were launched by universities in 2007. This was a huge leap from only 3 such courses that were launched in 2005. Can this be regarded a welcoming change? Industry experts are of view that today’s youth is becoming interested in practice more than theory. University of Calgary has students groups addressing sustainability issues under sustainability programs. Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability is being regarded as a future model for promoting sustainability education.

Green degrees are motivating and inspiring students to initiate good work. Many grads are leaving the campus with socially responsible job prospects in mind. Green universities and colleges are driven to offer such courses due to the market forces as well as growing concern over environment among students. Whatever the reason may be, the constructive efforts being made by several educational institutions in promoting green and sustainable careers cannot be denied.

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