Friday, September 11, 2009

Green Economy Community Jobs

Barack Obama’s economic stimulus program emphasizes the creation of green jobs and thanks to the constant funding; better opportunities are emerging in sectors like electrical work, engineering and construction. It is notable that the green job market niche is growing bigger than ever at a time when layoffs are sweeping the nation and unemployment rate is on a high. The concept of a green economy is more than just the creation of better consumer choices and business opportunities. It is also promising the generation of quality jobs that can support the development of low-income communities.

Responsible career opportunities are making more room for jobs despite the fluctuations in the economy. The emphasis on renewable energy sector is not only controlling the effects of climate change but also creating high wage jobs for communities that never benefitted from the economic development strategies. Compared to the use of fossil fuels, electricity generation through renewable energy sources has created thousands of jobs in the last few years.

America can take advantage of the growing concern in the concept of a green economy. Cities need to embrace a clean energy future so that quality green jobs can be generated in the urban as well as rural communities. City governments can negotiate with their utilities over clean energy practices and use more innovative strategies to advance this goal on a global level.

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