Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Will Green Jobs Wipe Out Existing Jobs in Other Sectors?

Will the ‘green job’ explosion in the US wipe out job opportunities in other sectors? Currently, this is the hottest question being posed by critics who feel that the creation of green jobs related to environmental concerns and reduction of waste and pollution are not only costly but they are also replacing jobs in other sectors.

While the government seems to be enthusiastic about the potential of clean energy sector in creation of jobs, some critics are of view that green jobs will cost the US economy. If they are to be believed, each green job created in Spain has wiped out 2.2 existing jobs in other sectors. In the report 7 Myths About Green Jobs published by economist Roger Meiners, outlay of green jobs is said to be taking resources from different sectors, increasing the cost of energy and making companies move their production facilities to low cost nations. Industry experts have predicted that 1.2 million people will lose their jobs if a third of generation is displaced from coal. With the government encouraging public investment in the green technology sector, taxpayers will end up paying more for government debts and businesses will find it difficult to raise money due to sudden government borrowings.

The revolution of socially responsible jobs is all set to turn into a billion dollar industry, generate millions of jobs and sustain the environment but at what cost? The benefits of going green can’t be denied but is job loss in other sectors really being ignored in the process of building a green economy?

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