Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Focus For Career Results

Equating what you want with where you place your focus is very important to produce results. By working in harmony with your natural strengths and momentum you effortlessly allow opportunities to come your way.

The secret tool for those looking for a responsible career is to gain focus and direct yourself towards your goals. Most of us are so scattered trying to do everything that we loose sight of what is most important and valuable to us. The job opportunities are everywhere and when we identify our goal and set ourselves to accomplish it we do. Let’s talk about how to focus yourself, gain momentum and produce results.

When we are looking for employment we tend to begin with the attitude of “I’ll take whatever I can get, or it’s hard out there and just get me something.” The challenge with that attitude is that you scatter your focus and come from a place of scarcity instead of possibility. The easiest way to move from that former to the later is to focus on what you desire. The first concrete step to moving closer to your desires is to focus on them and generate a plan to make them happen.

Another key step is to remove all distractions and conflicting desires to your career goals. These show up as negative comments or discouragement by others, opinions masquerading as facts, and personal self negating behaviors. When you aim for your responsible career whether in medical, or administrative fields or as an internship, with determination and focus you see results.

I recommend that you reduce the amount of directions, or career possibilities that you have into a manageable size of 2-4 at the most. Then as you systematically research and do informational interviews you narrow the field down to 2. By doing this you create a pulling situation that brings opportunities, resources, and people your way. Less is more.

In the coming week I encourage you place your attention on a clearly defined focus and choose two specific action steps to take to move you closer to your ideal career. Note what begins to happen and individual linkages and confirmation that come your way. Please comment for all of us to learn.

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