Monday, November 23, 2009

Time is All Around, And Intentional

Factoring in time as both a linear and circular concept will facilitate more rapid results for your career path. Looking with new eyes and a new focus will accelerate your time line.

Time isn’t a neat path moving with one thing directly in front of another. Time instead is more circular moving both forwards, backwards, and on top of itself. As you begin to layer and multi leverage you begin to see the inter connectness and relational perspective between what you do and who you meet. The point is that you become clearer about your direction and are able to save time.

Many cultures think of time as a snap shot or picture frame one still after another. With this type of linear belief you imagine doing only one thing at a time. This is valid and useful, as most people believe and understand this. What can occur with this perspective however is that you may wait for one thing to happen before you can do another, or you may only focus on one thing at a time.

What I recommend is that you introduce the concept of Intentional Time™ , a concept I have coined and am creating an entire series of TeleSeminars and reports about. It’s the process of allowing more things to occupy a specific space of time by setting your mind and your intention to allow for it. This perspective views time as a layering affect not a snap shot.

When you set an intention you accomplish what you are doing plus have a question answered, be introduced to someone or a resource, or be inspired. You are able to multi task and leverage time.

Intentional Time ™ is a tool to use in your career search. In expecting your time to be layered and in service to more than one objective or goal at a time creates synergy and sustainable results. It also provides a simple way to integrate cause and effect. When you are looking for responsible work there are many tools and resources you employ. I’ve spoken about many of them in my blogs: communication, introducing yourself, networking, values, leveraging, interviewing and writing an excellent resume. This process of partnering with time is a contextual tool that brings greater success and richness to the other tools I have introduced.

In my next blog Intentional Time ™ II, I’ll speak to specific exercises in how to use this. Let me know a specific goal you are working with and I’ll coach you.

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