Monday, November 30, 2009

Intentional Time Part Two of Two

In this second in a series we will cover the specific examples of ways to work with intention and focus to have time be your ally and partner. Time is a valuable commodity as it relates to identifying and securing your responsible job.

As I shared before, time is malleable and under our direction. The best way to change our perception about time is to set intentions that contribute to our success and moves us forward not works against us. Most people you meet think of time as finite and bound by beliefs and thoughts.

What I propose is a series of experiments and opportunities to explore time from a new dimension and perspective based on your updated beliefs. Our beliefs can change in two ways. The first is by updating what we believe through new behaviors and evidence. The second way our beliefs can change is through changing our actions and our behaviors. By doing this we can update our beliefs to accommodate the new evidence. Regardless of which direction you take you become your own best evaluative source.

The first of which is the utilization of each day by remaining focused on a key question or intention. I call this the Open Ended Inquiry. By beginning each morning with a focus or an opened ended question you begin to give context and possibility to each and everything that happens to you and around you. As you work, research; engage in life things come to your awareness which bring answers to your career choices. By bringing your 100% attention to your life you engage both your conscious and unconscious minds. I recommend you choose a career question that relates to what your requirements and needs are and hold that question for one week and see what types of resources, conversations, and answers come your way. The next step is that you need to write down your insights and your awareness into a career journal.

The second Intentional Time exercise is to hold an open-ended question with the intention of a question, name or action to reveal itself to you during your sleep and in dreams. This way it comes much more clearly and directly without the input from your negative mind or inner critic. The time during sleep is both a regenerative and remunerating time and it’s also the time to plant seeds for growth and expansion. Most leaders and those who accomplish much in the world engage their subconscious minds during sleep, during exercise, and while meditation. Use these tools by aligning with proven techniques throughout the centuries for various purposes.

These tools have been used for centuries in various countries and in many different traditions. Experiment with them yourself and working with them for your career management will provide stability, and inspiration.

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