Sunday, December 13, 2009

Work Life balance

Being your best in the workplace means being effective in both your personal and your professional arenas. Work-life balance is a tangible and accomplishable activity. We all explore what balance is and how to achieve it as you do in your life and work.

It's important to choose to make this a priority. Some people are addicted to the busyness of being busy and non-effective. Choose to have fun and balance your personal life with your work. Once you do this you begin to see new behaviors and actions bring you greater success and expansion. The foundation of any new skill and result is to make it a priority and redesign your life to accommodate your new focus.

You can do it. Believe you in your innate ability to create enjoyment and balance between all areas of your life. What I find that is the #1 obstacle to this is that we tend to compartmentalize our lives to such a degree that we don't see how things overlap or contribute to one another. I recommend you look for the flow and commonality between work and personal life. When we generate separation it takes energy and time to stop one activity and move to the next. Ive had people loose 45 minutes worth of valuable work time due to having to switch gears and think about something totally unrelated and out of their focus at that time. See how your work and your personal life serve one another and go about being more efficient in all areas and spend less time trying for perfect balance.

I recommend that you create a list of specific items that you appreciation about your work and your personal life on a daily basis and make time to enhance and bring more of that into your life. A list is imperative because the mind will forget and trick you into believing that there is nothing that you appreciate. Aiming for balance and ease takes discipline and focus.

In addition to this I suggest you make a separate list of specific actions about 10-20 that you can do to increase your appreciation and enjoyment of life. Each day you need at least one thing you are energized by and look forward to. I suggest you have one from your work life and one from your personal life. If they can be the same that would be excellent. You want to begin exploring the connection and flow between these two areas of your life, and aim for seamless transition and effectiveness.

Work-life balance is a simple process of shifting your focus from separate spheres and moving it from a tetter totter with work on one end and life on the other end to a more balanced perspective with the fulcrum (middle part) being those actions, thoughts and beliefs which link the two sections together. The balance is generated in the overarching connection and appreciation of you and your life. Next week I will speak to efficiency and preparation for a New Year!

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