Monday, December 14, 2009

Fool vs. Jerk: Whom Would You Hire?

Are you aware of the #1 key quality for being hired as a successful employee? A professional even though they may be a fool is teachable but feedback to a jerk is wasted.

How do you gauge your fool or jerk factor? Look around your work environment and watch how people respond and react to you. As I shared in previous blogs manage your reputation and your first 90 days on the job.

A big part of managing your location is to focus on being efficiency and examining what activities, people, tasks, use most of your time and bring you the most results. When we explore our lives we receive 80% of our success and enjoyment and balance from 20% of what we do. What that means is that we are most effective in 2-3 days worth of work instead of the elongated 5-6 work week days. By being a fool you can navigate within and during your workweek. In creating balance between work and life you need to consider consolidating your actions and focuses during your workweek so that you experience results and can spend the remainder of your time in your personal life.

One step is to limit what you do into a shorten work time and reduce the amount of time you do work so you are more efficient. The Law of Parkinson's says that something will either swell in perceived importance and complexity in relation to the amount of time you give it. As your goal is to create more balance you need to identify boundaries that contain your work into a predetermined amount so you have energy and space for life. Be ruthless about what meetings you schedule, what activities you place on your to-do list and what goals you set for yourself. Examine at this time of year with a critical eye the placing of your importance on reduced stress, and expanded focus on what is important. Strive for balance between personal and professional actions and aim to invest yourself in the 20% of your life that brings you the most results and enjoyment.

An employer is looking for someone who can both do his or her job and operate as a team player. Being efficient and getting your job done allows you to bond and build team with your co-workers. A foolish person is negative until better indoctrinated into a company culture and makes simple and yet endearing mistakes. A jerk on the other hand has a tendency to be a bother by being difficult to work with and challenging to engage with.

As a fool you can learn the above referenced career skill because of who you are. A jerk thinks that they are better than the blogs, the books and the mentoring around and available to them. An employer would much prefer a fool than someone who is a jerk. Take care not be seen as efficient and a fool willing to learn and do better.

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